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Red Container Reach Stacker Product Service Weight 71400 Kgs Unload

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Red Container Reach Stacker Product Service Weight 71400 Kgs Unload

Brand Name : SLD

Place of Origin : China

Certification : CE; ISO; FDA

MOQ : 1 unit

Price : Negotiation

Packaging Details : Nude

Delivery Time : 30 working days

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Supply Ability : 10 units per month

Spreader Type : Handling ISO 20'-40' Containers

Color : Red

Service Weight : 71400 Kgs (unload)

Drive Axle : Kessler D102PL341

Transmission : ZF 5WG261 AUTO

Load Capacity : 45000kgs

New Or Used : New

Engine : CUMMINS QSM11-330

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Product Description:

Container Reach Stacker

Container Reach Stacker is a high-performance and quality product specially designed for moving containers in heavy-duty industries. As the name suggests, it is a heavy lift container stacker that can easily handle large containers with ease.

Equipped with the powerful and reliable Kessler L102 steering axle, this reach stacker provides exceptional maneuverability and control, making it ideal for container terminals, ports, and other industrial settings. The Kessler L102 steering axle is known for its durability and precision, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime.

The Container Reach Stacker is brand new and has never been used before. It is designed to meet the growing demands of the container handling industry and provide a cost-effective solution for efficient container movement.

The Container Reach Stacker comes in a striking red color, making it easily visible and adding a touch of vibrancy to the industrial setting. Its bold and eye-catching appearance also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

This reach stacker has a service weight of 71400 kilograms, making it a heavy-duty machine that can easily handle the weight of loaded containers. It is designed to provide optimum performance and can easily carry containers of various sizes and weights, making it a versatile choice for any container handling operation.

In conclusion, the Container Reach Stacker is a top-of-the-line product that offers exceptional performance and quality. With its Kessler L102 steering axle, new condition, striking red color, and heavy-duty service weight, it is the perfect solution for all your container movement needs. Invest in the HeavyLift Container Stacker today and experience efficient and hassle-free container handling like never before!

Technical Parameters:

Model SLDR450
Power unit Diesel
Operation type Driver seated
Load capacity (L1, L2, L3) Q (kg) 45000/31000/16000
Load centre, first row (L1) c (mm) 1800
Load centre, second row (L2) C (mm) 3860
Load centre, third row (L3) C (mm) 6400
Axle centre to spreader center (L1-1/2 high) x (mm) 2800
Wheelbase y (mm) 6400
Boom lift angle, raise/lowered α/β(/°) 61/0
Height boom lowered h1 (mm) 4945
Lift height (L1, L2, L3) h3 (mm) 15900/14100/11350
Height, boom extended h4 (mm) 19000
Height of cabin h6 (mm) 3900
Height, operator's seat h7 (mm) 2840
Towing coupling height h10 (mm) 600
Twist lock height lowered h13 (mm) 1495
Overall length with spreader l1 (mm) 11618
Overall length l2 (mm) 8410
Overall width b1/b2 (mm) 4180/3400
Width of spreader 20'/40' b3 (mm) 6050/12150
Ground clearance min. m1 (mm) 345
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 (mm) 350
Stacking aisle 20' containers Ast (mm) 10225
Stacking aisle 40' containersTurning radius Ast (mm) 13050
Min. pivoting point distance Wa (mm) 8605
Min. pivoting point distance b13 (mm) 3400
Wheelspan, front wheels b10 (mm) 3030
Wheelspan, rear wheel b11 (mm) 2786
Weight (unladen/laden) kg 71400/116400
Load on drive axle (unladen/laden) kg 36400/101900
Load on steering axle (unladen/laden) kg 35000/14500
Travelling speed (unladen/laden) Km/h 25/21
Gradeability (unladen/laden) % 30/28.8
Tractive force (unladen) Kn 408
Lifting speed (unladen/laden) m/s 0.39/0.28
Lowering speed (unladen/laden) m/s 0.39/0.39
Movable closed cabin
Equipped with A/C, cooling/heating functions
Noise level at driver's seat dBA 74
Type QSM11
Cylinder no./displacement 6/10820 cm3
Rated power @ rated speed 250kw @ 2100rpm
Max. torque 1674Nm@ 1500rpm
Rated current of alternator 150A
Battery 24V
Brand ZF/5WG261 AUTO
Type Auto-shift/interlock
Clutch type Torque converter
Gear no. 5F/3R
Drive wheels 18.00-25 40PR
Steering wheels 18.00-25 40PR
Type Pneumatic
Pressure 10 bar
Quantity, front/rear 4/2
Hydraulic oil tank L 800
Fuel tank L 500
Brand Kessler/Germany
Model D102PL341
Brand Kessler/Germany
Model L102
Steering Double action cylinder
Service brake Hydraulic wet-disc
Parking brake Electric released disc brake, enabled when power off
Twin piston pump
Max. pressure: 310 bar
Load sensing system
Hydraulic cooler with electric motor
Separate brake oil tank
2x Dual action lift cylinders
1x Dual action extension cylinder
Handling ISO 20'-40' containers
2x damping cylinder 2x gearbox & brake system
Brand SP45
Rotate degrees -105°/+195°
Sideshift -800/+800mm
Error display system
Counter system for containers
Weighing system (low precision)
Electric anti-overload system
Full can-bus control system
Direction gearshift interlock
Parking brake enabled when power off
Seat switch
Locking/unlocking only after correct landing
Lifting/lowering only when the 4 twistlocks on same position
Anticollision rotation limit switch

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Container Reach Stacker: The Ultimate Solution for Container Transportation and Handling

With the rapid growth of global trade and the increasing demand for efficient container transportation and handling, the need for reliable and powerful equipment has become more critical than ever. That's where Container Reach Stacker comes in – a top-of-the-line product designed and manufactured by SLD in China.

Brand Name: SLD

SLD is a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment in China, known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. With years of experience in the industry, SLD has gained a reputation for delivering reliable and durable equipment that meets the needs of its customers.

Place of Origin: China

All Container Reach Stackers are proudly made in China, using the latest technology and highest quality materials. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures that every product meets the highest standards of excellence.

Certification: CE; ISO; FDA

Container Reach Stacker is certified by internationally recognized organizations, including CE, ISO, and FDA. This guarantees that our product meets all safety and quality standards, making it a reliable choice for your container transportation and handling needs.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we cater to all your needs. Container Reach Stacker has a minimum order quantity of just one unit, making it accessible to all customers.

Price: Negotiation

At SLD, we believe in providing our customers with the best value for their money. That's why the price of our Container Reach Stacker is negotiable, and we offer competitive pricing to meet your budget.

Packaging Details: Nude

Container Reach Stacker is packaged in a nude manner, which means it is not covered or painted. This helps to reduce the cost of transportation and also allows for easy customization according to your preferred color.

Delivery Time: 30 working days

Our efficient manufacturing process and streamlined supply chain allow us to deliver Container Reach Stacker within 30 working days. We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to meet our customers' expectations.

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

We offer flexible payment options to our customers, including Letter of Credit (L/C) and Telegraphic Transfer (T/T). This enables you to choose the payment method that best suits your business needs.

Supply Ability: 10 units per month

With a strong production capacity, we can supply up to 10 units of Container Reach Stacker per month. This ensures that our customers' demands are met promptly, without compromising on the quality of our products.

Steering Axle: Kessler L102

The Container Reach Stacker is equipped with a Kessler L102 steering axle, which allows for smooth and precise steering, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. This ensures efficient and safe handling of containers, even in challenging environments.

Color: Red

Container Reach Stacker is available in a striking red color, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also makes it easily visible in busy ports and terminals.

New Or Used: New

All our Container Reach Stackers are brand new, ensuring that you receive a product with the latest technology and zero wear and tear. This guarantees the highest level of performance and reliability.

Transmission: ZF 5WG261 AUTO

The Container Reach Stacker is equipped with a ZF 5WG261 AUTO transmission, which provides smooth gear shifting and high torque, making it ideal for heavy-duty operations. This enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the machine.

Engine: CUMMINS QSM11-330

The Container Reach Stacker is powered by a CUMMINS QSM11-330 engine, which is known for its durability and fuel efficiency. This ensures that the machine can handle heavy loads and operate for extended periods without any issues.


In summary, Container Reach Stacker is a top-notch product designed to cater to all your container transportation and handling needs. With its powerful engine, reliable transmission, and smooth steering, it is the ultimate solution for efficient and safe handling of containers. So why wait? Contact us today and experience the unparalleled performance and quality of Container Reach Stacker.


Customized Services for Container Reach Stacker

Brand Name: SLD

Place of Origin: China

Certification: CE; ISO; FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit

Price: Negotiation

Packaging Details: Nude

Delivery Time: 30 working days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Supply Ability: 10 units per month

Service Weight: 71400 Kgs (unload)

New Or Used: New

Spreader Type: Handling ISO 20'-40' Containers

Transmission: ZF 5WG261 AUTO

Drive Axle: Kessler D102PL341

Our Container Reach Stacker is designed and manufactured by SLD in China, and it comes with CE, ISO, and FDA certifications. With a minimum order quantity of only 1 unit and a negotiable price, we offer a customized service to meet your specific needs.

Our Container Reach Stacker is capable of unloading containers, handling containers, and stacking cargo containers. We understand the importance of efficiency in container handling, which is why our stacker is designed to handle ISO 20'-40' containers with ease.

Equipped with a ZF 5WG261 AUTO transmission and a Kessler D102PL341 drive axle, our stacker is built for power and durability. It has a service weight of 71400 Kgs when unloaded, making it a strong and reliable machine for your container handling needs.

We offer a packaging option of nude, ensuring that your stacker is delivered safely and securely. Our delivery time is 30 working days, and we accept payment through L/C and T/T. With a supply ability of 10 units per month, we can meet your demands in a timely manner.

Choose SLD for your Container Reach Stacker needs and experience our top-notch customized service. Contact us today for more information!

Packing and Shipping:

Container Reach Stacker Packaging and Shipping

The Container Reach Stacker will be packaged and shipped to ensure safe and efficient delivery to our customers. Our packaging and shipping process is carefully designed to protect the equipment and minimize any potential damage during transportation.


The Container Reach Stacker will be securely packed in a wooden crate or container to provide maximum protection against any external forces. The crate will be reinforced with sturdy metal frames and straps to further secure the equipment during transportation.

All sensitive and delicate components of the Container Reach Stacker will be carefully wrapped and padded to prevent any damage. The packaging materials used are of high quality and are specifically designed for heavy-duty industrial equipment.


Once the Container Reach Stacker is fully packaged and ready for shipping, it will be loaded onto a flatbed truck or container ship, depending on the final destination. Our team will ensure that the equipment is properly secured and balanced for safe transportation.

We work with trusted and reliable shipping companies to ensure timely delivery of our products. The shipping method used will also depend on the customer's preference and location.

Once the Container Reach Stacker arrives at its destination, our team will carefully unload and inspect the equipment to ensure that it has arrived in perfect condition. Any necessary assembly and installation will be carried out by our trained technicians to guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a hassle-free and smooth shipping experience, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure that the Container Reach Stacker arrives in excellent condition.

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71400 Kgs Container Reach Stacker


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China Red Container Reach Stacker Product Service Weight 71400 Kgs Unload factory

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